SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
Web Site Promotions
Propping up SEO, PPC, SMM, and Reputation Management

Among thousands of websites in the Internet, it is necessary to stay out from the crowd and make your presence felt in the online medium. However, with each website is vying for the limelight, it is difficult to get recognized and stick on to the prestigious position for a long time
Website promotion would help you get:

  • Useful traffic to your site – regularly and constantly
  • Potential customers seek more information on your business
  • Brand image for the product or services provided by your firm
  • Inbound quality links to enhance link popularity – a way to sustain search engine ranking
  • Ways to expose products of your company to the global market
In organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the website design, keywords integrated in the body content, images used in the illustrations, and software code provided in the source code are tweaked to make it search engine-friendly.

SEO Services

Some essential attributes on SEO services include:

  • Identifying useful keywords based on website objective, target audience, and business opportunities
  • Developing useful Meta tags & other html tags
  • Developing sub-domain
  • Optimizing content, images, source code with relevant keywords
  • Developing informative content in the website, such as articles, blogs
  • Forming user-friendly navigation facilities
  • Building useful quality inbound links
  • Providing comprehensive ranking analyses
  • Submitting the site to different search engine directories

SEM – Paid Listing

Often paid listing or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ropes in more customers who would otherwise stay away from organic search options. Paid listing services would include:

  • Identifying keywords
  • Developing adverts on different keywords
  • Developing unique landing pages on a particular keyword and advert
  • Creating landing pages for different countries, regional zones, and so on
  • Managing keywords, PPC objectives and popularity of the campaign
  • Monitoring bidding process with bidding tools
  • Assessing Cost-per-Click (CPC)
  • Tracking the entire campaign

On page SEO Analysis Report Services

A report on these analyses helps you to identify where you need to boost your optimization effort. Some useful analyses performed by Yantratech include:

  • Analysis of site architecture and backbone system
  • Analysis of navigation of website
  • Creation of Sub Domain
  • Analysis of optimization of meta tags
  • Analysis of layout of the page and content
  • Analysis of anchor text
  • Analysis of search engine spiders

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services And Reputation Management

If you have a better visibility in the online market, prestige in the business circles, and greater accessibility to communities where your business thrives, you would be able to delve deeper into the market and rope in more customers. Some key services included here are:

  • Putting in useful optimized content in social media sites
  • Placing links to boost online social media search options
  • Providing ongoing useful content to the social media sites

Reputation management services include:

  • Working on any new comment or reference mentioned anywhere in the online world against your business
  • Effacing adverse comments through proactive negotiations and similar options